April 25, 1842 – “Remsen ill and a chance to be alone in the house”


pg 95Sunday. 24.th. April. 1842.

A changeing atmosphere, sometimes mild, at others damp.

Garret, went to Church with me, we heard Dr Fisher, from the text, “Because
I live, ye shall live also”, the promise of
Christ to his disciples.
Remsen, looking pale, and felt feverish.
I put him to bed, and nursed him
the rest of the day.
churchG, went to the Tabernacle in the evening,
the night was superb, and the bright
full moon a splendid symbol, of
the light that is in God our Saviour.
I was alone in the house for two
hours, the first time within my
remembrance. I love to be alone,
the Christian, can never be unhappy
while seeking the mercy of the creator.

April 23, 1842 – “Waking up before six”


pg 94Saturday. 23.d April. 1842.

Beautifull, mild weather.

Our breakfast hour, is still six oclock, but we do
not get up actually, and bodily, before six, so
we, put back our morning meal; sadly.
I am fond of early riseing, and the habit of
awakening before six, becomes a stated habit, it is
no longer painfull, but pleasant to me.
Spent the morning at home, the boys walked
out, Remsen complained of fatigue. He romps
too much.
Took a walk after dinner, went to see Deborah,
sat an hour with her, Julie, cold and impa-
tient to return home. She is a troublesome
companion to walk, or visit with.
Garret, came home much fatigued, has
eaten no regular dinner this week.
He purchased our carpets to.day. They are
brussels, and no doubt in good taste.

April 22, 1842 – “What a busy day: shopping, unmanageable children, and thoughts of moving”

pg 93Friday. 22.nd. April. 1842.

A summers day; uncomfortably warm.

Awoke early this lovely morning, all creation
seems to exult in the glorious smile of Heaven.
Julie, and I dressed to go down to the store.
I did not feel strong, but took egg and port,
to bolster me up for the jaunt.
Walked to Miss W. my Amazone finished.
Met Mrs Ewing, had a chat with her; she looks
thin, and not as well as last summer.
Rode to the store, or rather “Maiden Lane”
had no difficulty in finding the place.
Made an agreable [sic], and profitable visit.
Selected two muslins for myself, two for the
children, and one piece calico, and three silk aprons.
Walked home, stopped at Mrs W, ordered my
bonnet trimmed, and sent home.
The heat was so oppressive, I could scarcely
get home, and Julie was ready to drop.

pg 94Saw Edgar Hasbrouck, in the store, he looks thin
and sallow.
Laid an hour on the sofa to rest, sat down
to my work; heard Julie her lessons.
Bought, them each an orange.
The children are getting very restless,
and unmanageable, this warm weather.
I can scarcely keep them under control; the
yard, is a great temptation for them to
disobey orders.

The want of another servant disaranges [sic]
all my quiet plans. Economy alone prevents
me from adding another to our household.
The thought of moving; begins to pre.
sent itself in a most formidable manner.
One week of quiet is all that remains to
us now, and then ^we set out once more to
seek a new home: I hope it may prove
as happy a one as this, has been to us.

April 21, 1842 – “When the bell rings”


pg 93Thursday. 21.st. April. 1842.

A beautifull bright sun, but the air cool.

Our breakfast hour is at half past six, and my jumping up hour at six.
When the bell rings, the conflict between sleep, and duty is terrible,
my spirit longs to be up, but my poor body clings to its couch.
The trial: to my “better half” is still more poignant.
I took a long walk this morning, spent
one dollar very foolishly, for two hair pins..
at Ginochi’s. My conscience smote me.
Bought a new spelling book for Julie 1.6 d
and a reading book. 1.6 d
I did not feel well to day, so weak
and chilly, dreaded a cold.
Maria, spent the afternoon with us.
I walked out with G. in the cold moonlight.

April 20, 1842 – “Worrying about Garret’s health”

pg 92Wednesday. 20.th. April. 1842.

The rain clearing off; mild as summer.

Garret’s cold remains the same; he is so
much engaged, as to forget it almost, untill
night brings him home. Not eating from
breakfast, untill dinner, must make him weak,
but he does complain.
Sewed all the morning, made a slight din
ner, and then walked out. Took some collars
and ruffles to be crimped.


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