October 31, 1842 – “A visit to the Century Plant”


066_Page 64 Monday.31. st. October. 1842.

Beautifull weather still, yet the air has something
in it peculiarly chill at times.

I put aside all my morning duties, and at twelve
oclock, took Louis to beau me down Broadway. We rode down to the Battery, and called in to see “Aunt Bell”.
She returned with us to John Street, and we went in to see the “Century Plant (1)’ now exhibiting at Mr Thorburns [George C. Thorburn]. It is
from the Van Rensseleirs green-house, and the proceeds of the exhibition go to the Orphan Asylum at Albany. I did not regret my 25 cents, as the plant was a curiosity, and the birds, pictures, gold fish, and flowers, quite an inducement also.
(1) The century plant (the Great American Aloe) flowered in the garden of Stephen Van Rensselier of ALbany. It rose to the height of 22 feet.
“The Gardeners’s Monthly and Horticultural Advertiser” Volume 11, 1869. Page 186.
For more on the Century plant, see Wikipedia.

October 30, 1842 – “Church day”

065_Page 63Sunday. 30. th. October. 1842.

A lovely day. altho a certain something in the air threatened rain.

I went to Church, with my husband, and Louis.
Louis behaved pretty well; but he is a restless child at all times. Mr H. feet cold, and did not enjoy the sermon.
He never seems much pleased with mr Fisher; I wish  we could unite in admiring some spiritual friend. I remained at home all the afternoon, and evening. G. went out to walk, stopped in to hear Mr [Paton]. I am fond of evening church, but seldom attend any, Mr H. seldom wishes to take me, on these occasions, and would not like me to go alone.

October 29, 1842 – “Garret gives a complement”


065_Page 63Saturday. 29. th 1842.

A fine day, bright and beautiful after the fog
blew over.  This must be our Indian Summer.

I made pies this morning, a large batch of pumpkins to please “mon marie.”
Maria came in, we walked out to.gether down Broadway; stopped in at Miss Aikins. M. dined with us; and went home after dinner. Garret complemented me to.day on my good looks; said I looked but “sweet sixteen”
He never looked better in appearance than now, having more colour and flesh than usual; so I could return his agreeable impression in good truth.
My evening was spent in the sundry preparation of mind and body for Sunday.

October 28, 1842 – “Tea at mother’s”


064_Page 62Friday 28.th. November. 1842.

A lovely, bright, glowing, Autumnal day.

Julie, went home with her Aunt Kate; after a great fixation, and fuss. Mrs Bloodgood, came to fit a waist, for me, she put a belt on Louis new pantaloons.
I was cold, and did not feel very well, sat an hour by the fire, took a short walk with the Boys. Dined, early and went up to tea at mothers, the Boys went with me.
They had a fine romp; and behaved tolerably well. Remsen fell asleep on my lap; we came home early on his account. Garret, went out to get his “beer” and staid out until half past eleven; a most unheard of dissipation for him.
I slept in the Chair, before the fire, awaiting his return.
Julie, cried when I bid her good-bye; and wanted to
return home with us.

October 27, 1842 – “Company and walking down Broadway”

064_Page 62Thursday.27. th. October. 1842.

A changeing sky, but clear and pleasant at intervals.

I spent two hours sewing, then dressed Julie and myself for a walk. We rode down to Mrs Mavers, found them all well, and glad to see us, walked home through Broadway. Found “Aunt Kate” awaiting our return. She remained all night with us. Julie, delighted to have company, and so noisy,as to be rather disagreeable The night was warm, and agreeable; appeared better than usual. She thought Garret has grown fat, I think his [beer] does make him look more healthy.
We spent a pleasant evening together.


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