April 15, 1842 – (Julia still has the date wrong) “Julia’s family invalids as usual and cutaneous eruptions “



pg 88Friday. 16.teenth. April. 1842.

Clear, bright sky, but rather cool. A deceptive spring day.

We breakfasted early, and I walked out to sniff the morning air. At eleven oclock dressed for a visit to mother, Took Julie along. Spent an hour, or two chatting with them, found a list of invalids but no one in bed. Henry, improving.

Had pan.cakes for dinner, Mr H. did not
come up, I had eaten a great slice of cake, at
mothers, and injured my taste for my dinner
I went up to Mrs Bloodgoods, after dinner,
to have a coat made for Louis. She is very
sick and complaining.
Mr & Mrs Anelli, spent two hours with me
They make a genteel couple, and are both
agreable. [sic] The children did not behave

pg 89so I put them both out of the room.
Mr H. came in to tea much fatigued, he took some oysters in the evening. His cold is rather better, but not well. My complexion troublesome as usual, although I had hoped to have been much releived [sic] after this week.
This cutaneous eruptions will not yield to medicine time alone will cure it.

April 14, 1842 (Julia made a mistake with her date) – “Completed the first shirt and a promenade”

pg 88Thursday. 15.teenth. April. 1842.

A fine day, but rather cool, and chilly. with rain, A fine day for work, I mean.

Completed my first shirt to.day, after working very hard. Mrs Hall, sent one home nicely done up. The sewing was much
neater, than I anticipated. Have neglected Julie’s, lessons sadly this fortnight past.

Walked out after dinner, met Maria in
Hudson St. We promenaded up Broadway
together. The afternoon was fine for exer
I wrote a long letter to M Hasbrouck, this
morning, to send to.morrow.

April 13, 1842 – ” “A day of sewing and Maria nursing a sick baby”

pg 87Wednesday. 13.teenth. April. 1842.

A cold rain threatening us. Sky dark and overcast.

I could scarcely get up this morning bed was so delightfull, and pains, and aches so numerous Spent my morning sewing, untill every part of my body ached Was drowsy and good for nothing. G. did not come up to dinner, I had no relish for mine.

Rain fell in torrents, before night.
Garret, brought me a note from Maria, she
was nurseing a sick baby, and no doubt ex
posing her own health. The note was written
at midnight, while watching the child.

April 12, 1842 – “New bosoms for shirts and discussing the new move”


pg 86Tuesday. 12. th. April. 1842.

A beautifull summers day.

I did not go out this fine morning. Could not find time. Had six yards fine linen washed to prepare bosoms for shirts.
Sent for Mrs Hall, she brought a shirt to show me her work. I was much displeased at the long stitches, and showed her mine, as a pattern. Gave her linen for bosoms, expect they will be terribly made.

The Miss Baileys made me a short visit.
Jospehine, looked pretty, and I think wished
me to consider this her fare well visit as Miss
Baily. She will be married soon I presumed
from the hints she threw out.
Mr Hasbrouck, came up to dinner, he feels
better to day

pg 87I went out after dinner, wore my shirred bonnet, and satin shawl, did not find them too cool. My bonnet, had not come from the pressers, Miss Wittingham gives me poor encouragement to expect it in a week.I purchased a pair kid gloves in Canal St. They are too light, and do not suit me. Saw Mrs Pell, envied her her fat, and
good looks. Sewed all the evening, made a bosom for a shirt.
We talked over moving, have some idea of boarding a week, to escape the new paint.

April 11, 1842 – “Preparing the new house”

pg 86Monday. 11.th. April. 1842.

A summers day.

Made all my arrangements at home. Went around to Mrs Farois, to ask the priviledge of haveing the parlours measured. She was very kind and obligeing, [sic] promised to leave me some roots in the yard. Sis, went with me to see her new home. The sun very hot, my winter clothes un.comfortable, we returned home to get cool.
Maria, in the parlour, she wasted the day as usual, instead of putting her thimble in her pocket, and helping me along. I went out with her after dinner to
the dress makers, walked up Broadway. The streets thronged, with belles, and beaux. We parted at Prince Street, I walked slowly home. A visitor surprised me this morning Mr H.


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