October 14, 1842 – “Thousands to celebrate the Croton Dam and fresh water for NYC”


061_Page 59Friday 14. tenth. October. 1842.

A beautifull day for the celebration of the Croton croton-water-sheet-music_detail3water Works.

Every one was in commotion to.day, the whole city were on the move; and thousands of country people came flocking to see the procession. The stores were closed, bells ringing, soldiers marching, societys forming, and every one putting on their best faces to witness the novel scene.
At eleven Garret, the children, Bridget and myself went up to Mrs Anelli’s. They received us very politely, giveing us their small bed-room to ourselves. We had a fine view of the parade and were not exposed to the air. The procession, equalled my expectations, and was a handsome affair; every thing was so bright and neat, the very houses shone like silver.
The fire companies were very conspicuous for taste in their decorations. It was supposed the number of persons in procession, were about 20.000.croton
The streets, houses, posts, entries, were all thronged with anxious lookers on and all seemed gratified at the spectacle. We returned home soon after they passed, as the children became restless, and troublesome.
A bright moon closed the scene, and no doubt thousands of happy souls enjoyed its beams. All places of amusement were open and many illuminated for the occasion. It was a happy day for New.York, as now she stands a “queen city” with her beautifull Fountains, and pure transparent water, her delighted sons and daughters have reason to be proud of her now.
croton moreMy eyes ached looking so much and I went early to bed. Mr H. walked down to see the illuminations.

“On October 14, 1842, 167 years ago, New York City marked the completion of the Croton Aqueduct and the stream of cold, clear water it brought from the valley of the Croton River. The water’s arrival touched off celebrations whose like had never been seen before. At a time when the purity of Croton’s own water supply is in jeopardy from runoff contamination, it is appropriate that we remind ourselves of the benefits Croton’s pure, sweet water brought to the way of life in Gotham.”
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October 13, 1842 – “In pursuit of a cap”


060_Page 58Thursday. 13. tenth. October. 1842.

A charming day.

I remained at home all the morning, did not have any visitors, I forgot “Mrs Lee”. She sat an hour with me, and has grown monstrous fat. Cut out a pair gambrooms pants for Louis. The little monkey is always out at the knees. Took a race after dinner in pursuit of a cap for “self and Julie”. Could not find any to suit.

October 12, 1842 – “Viewing the Fair from the Anelli’s house”



060_Page 58 Wednesday.12.th. October. 1842.

A lovely day.

We all went to the Fair, mother, Maria, Eugene, Bridget, the three children, and myself. We found a pretty display of beautiful things, and plenty of room to admire them. The young fry were much pleased. After dinner, Julie, and I ran down to see Mrs Anelli. She gave us permission to see the procession from her windows. Mr A. and her father were both sick with colds. She promised to come down to see me to.morrow.

October 11, 1842 – “A day of callings”


059_Page 57Tuesday. 11, th October. 1842.

A more lovely day than ever. We have a charming Fall, such bright glowing days.


Example of 19th century calling card

I could not remain within doors, so dressing myself, and Shadow we set off for a jaunt. We sat an hour with Maria O., she told us of her intended removal to the country. Went to mother spent some time with her; meet the girls on our return home, I rode home, it was too warm to walk. Found Mrs B. M. Lawrence’s card on my table.calling card 3


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