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New York. Greenwich St. 525
January 1. St. 1840.
January. 1. St. Tuesday. Weather very cold. A new year, and a new book to commence with, and it should be new, and better resolutions for this new term of existence, My journal, has been neglected for the past five weeks. Many things worth noteing [sic] have occurred in that time. An addition to the store, the improvement to our kitchen, with the Area in front, has occupied much time, and made some confusion in our family arrangements.

On the 25th of December, we ate our Christmas
dinner in nineteenth Street. Had a pleasant
slay [sic] ride up. Warm, and pleasant; the snow
melting fast. Children all well, and behaved
charmingly; especially Juely. Remsen had a
severe fall, and narrow escape from being seriously
burnt on the 26. th. December. The fright wak-
ened me so much, I could not accompany

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Garret to hear ” Mr. Neal” on “Self Creation.”
The weather getting cold fast.
Had a severe rain, and blow the 17th. December
Stained our bed room walls. Went to church
on the the [repeated word] last Sabbath in 1839. felt the
cold excessively.
Did not receive calls on this day. would
not let G.D.H. make any visits. We spent
our time pleasantly over the fire, the weather
too cold to move from it. G. presented me
a jar of grapes and a box of prunes. 2$ 50cts.
In our still domicile, the time passed happily away.
It was the clearest, coldest New Year day I
ever remember.
Commenced with fires, in our bed room.
The children were inundated with presents
by old “St Claus.” G. gave the girls a shawl
each; Nany a dress.
I spent 2 $ 50cts. in gifts to others.
Received a set of Bronzed Lamps, 70$ for
my New Years, and many other presents,
as my journal will show here after.