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January 3rd. Very cold. Thermometer 2 degrees below zero. Henry called to make me the congratulations of the Season; Mr. Van Vankin also. Garret gave me 30$ to pay my debts. Mother with me to “park place.” We had a very cold walk home, met many ladies promenading. My hands ached in my muff. Paid Miss Mc Farlan. 6$ 10 cts. Wittingham 9.$ 25. cts. Brown 1$ Sayers. 2$ 12 cts. Pd for Salt Spoons 11 Shillings

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This month has passed away, and from a variety of causes, my journal has been neglected so that I must note from memory the principal occurrences. A numerous succession of snow storms, followed by very cold weather, and bad walking has characterized the month of January. 1840. Two, or three warm raining days have alone [ruined] the scene. I have made one call at Chelsea, or rather two since Christmas day. On the 18teenth of January. Garret gave me 23$ to pay for my jewelry at Mrs. [Tennys.] Amounts of Ring, _______, & gilt comb 17$ 50 ct. What a generous hus- band I have, my chief care must be to deserve his love. This week he had purchased me a “French White dinner set” 100$. Other articles of crockery 20$. Set knives’s & forks 27$. Lamp mat 2$ Hall matts 9$ Writeing [sic] dish 2$ Tins, coffeepot, Rasp. 2$.25. Kitchen table, bedstead, brushes. Coal shutters.

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We have attended an “Orations of the Creation,” a charity affair this month. I have missed but two “Lec- tures, once from bad walking; G has not missed one. I have not been seen Bell since Christmas. 31st of January. G.D.H’s birth day clear & cold. 30 years of his term of existence, has expired. The middle of this month, we finished our building and painting. The kitchen a different place from what even my most sanguine hopes, could have imagined. Put up a new bedstead in the nursery. Made curtains for the kitchen. Made thick pantaloons for Louis. A new dress for myself “mouselain de laine”(1) Mother & Catherine spent a day with me this month. Garret engaged the last week, taking an account of stock. Very dull times, no business doing. The burning of the Lexington(2) has thrown our city into a state of great excitement. The large fires down town, have added to the gloom.
January 23. d. bought two boxes soap.
January 15 teenth. 1 lb Brown Sugar
February 1. St. 2 lbs green tea
(1) Mousseline de laine – a thin worsted fabric, often having a printed pattern.
(2)The Lexington was a paddlewheel steamship that was considered the fastest vessel  which traveled from NYC to Rhode Island between 1835-1840. It sank on January 14, 1840 after catching fire the previous evening. Of the 143 people on board the Lexington, only four survived.
I posted more information on The Lexington in the For Discussion section of this Blog.

"Terrible Conflagration and Destruction of the Steam-Boat 'New-Jersey,' on the River Delaware, opposite Philadelphia, on the Night of Saturday, March 15th, 1856, between 8 and 9 o'clock, by which Dreadful Calamity Sixty-One lives were lost." Philadelphia: A. Pharazin, 1856. 7 5/8 x 12 3/4. Lithograph.