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At Mr Parishes. Septem. 10. th. Oysters. Bay. 1840. I must now write up the events of the last three months, from memory; having suffered from a long and painfull sickness, the consequence of a mis. carriage. The records of a sick room are not very agreeable, but the recolections [sic] are dear to me, as min-

gled with each painfull hour, the affectionate, un- wearied care of my husband, presents itself with vivid distinction to my remembrance. I cannot fail to note this fact, that however serene my suf. ferings, his sympathizing love was ever around my bed, to alleviate them, at the expense of his own comfort, and pleasure. I can now look back, and recall each kind, word, look, and action of his, never to ^ be erased from my memory. On Thursday evening the 19.teenth. of May. my illness commenced. The pains were regular, & several, and I knew what must happen. Mother, and Garret, would not believe my fears, or could not credit the fact. “Dr Anderson” came, and pro. nounced my case hopeless; he gave me “morphine” which lulled my pains for the night, Mama slept with me; I did not close my eyes, passed the hours in prayer.