For three days after the birth, all appeared to go on well, [“Mrs Trouse”] was a kind nurse, and in a week, Dr A. thought I would be in the parlour. But Providence, had ordered otherwise, it was nessessary [sic] that pain, and sickness, should waste my bodily strength, and prostrate even my mental powers. Nearly a month of feverish days, and sleepless nights passed away, ere my disorder left me. The weakness and debility, which then remained with me, was almost as trying as the pains were, and the remedies of “Leeching(1), fomenting(2), and bathing”, exhausted my re-maining strength. The eruptions on my face, did not pass away, until my recovery, five weeks after the miscarriage, but was aggravated in the meantime.
Mrs Trouse, remained three weeks with me; and Mrs Taylor four weeks, They were both clever women. Julie, went to her grandmothers, and staid untill I got well. A messenger from nineteenth st [her family’s address] came daily. Louis, and Remsen were very well in this time.
(1)Leeching: See these sites on the history of medical leeches: Leeches and the History of Medicine and  Leech Therapist. For a more academic look, view: Leech Therapy: a History. and Leechng in the History.

(2)Fomenting: to bath with warm water or medicated lotions.