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New and Interesting Moevments in American
Fashionable Life– Grand Fete Champetre
at Oakland’s, Baltimore– Summer Fa-
shions and Dresses of the Principal Ladies

Part II

To these delightful parties came the young, the
gay, the fair, the witty, and the nobility of nature,
from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, and ma-
ny other places far and near. Probably, however,
the most beautiful and intellectual ladies came from
Baltimore; and struck at once by the novelty and
elegance of the whole arrangement, they deter-
mind to get up something similar at home, and, if
possible, to throw all the parties given by Mr. D—–
completely into the shade– and they have succeed-
ed. Hurrah for Baltimore beauty and black eyes.
About two weeks since, the interesting affair took
place at Baltimore, which completely distanced all
the brilliant efforts of Mr. D—–, of Park place, du-
ring the previous month. The charming lady, wife
of the celebrated Mr. H—–, of Baltimore, who has
been styled the Queen of Beauty, was she queen of
this delightful fete champetre, and at Oaklands, the
residence of her talented husband, the fete was giv-
en on Thursday the 4th of this month.
As all, or nearly all of the fashionable ladies of
Baltimore are beautiful and intellectual women, the
invitation were extended with a most liberal hand;
and the consequence was, that over 300 of the elite
in point of talent, beauty, fashion and intellect in
Baltimore, graced the fete champetre. All who
know Oaklands, (and to those who do not it is a
matter of no moment,) know what a delightful place.
it is to give such a party in. The company began
to assemble about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. On
the esplanade the talented Mr. M—– stood, accom-
panied by a very excellent band, to welcome the
visitors, and as the descendants of different coun-
tries arrived, the band struck up National airs, such
as “Hail Columbia,” “Ye gentlemen of England,”
“Gary Owen,” “Draw the Sword, Scotland,”
&e. &e…. to be continued

~transcribed by Keri Pacella