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Tuesday. Novem. 24.th. A lovely day, clear, and balmy. I dressed early and walked down to Mr Anellis, took Julia, and Mr H. with us. Mr Anelli, spent an hour on my hands, does not make much progress. Julia, invited him to her christening party on Thursday; he accepted with pleasure. I called at Miss Wittinghams, and paid her bill of 21. $ 50. cts. Garret, fixed our Lamps and tried them to.night, they burn beautifully. Eugene took tea with us. I sent an invitation to our folks and other friends. A firkin of Butter to.day.

To see the full portrait in completion, see HRVH. If you click on the plus sign, you can see a close-up of Julia’s hands.

Wennesday [sic]. No. 25.th. 1840. Clouded, and damp. raining at noon. I did not keep my engagement with Mr Anelli. sent an apology. Sent invitations down to Aunt Remsen, Matilda, and Bell. it took Nany all day. I went in the store and took a remnant of mus- lair de Laine, for Louis, and Remsen, also 5 yds. of Maroon Merino, and ½ yd maroon silk. Took the mouselin [sic], to the dress makers.

Went with Garret to Mrs Painters, to engage our refreshments. Stopped on my way home, and purchased a pair of ear.rings. 1$. A book the “mothers delight” 50 cts. A pair gaiter boots at Millers. It rained tremendously all night, I went to bed, but could not sleep thinking of my party. Garret very indulgent, letting me do just as I wished, and giveing [sic] me all that I required; without my asking. I pre- pared a collar for the occasion.