Thursday. Novem. 26.th. 1840.  A fine, clear day, after the rain.  I arose to make all preparations, Maria, came down to help me. Mr H. very busy buying different articles. Had our curtains put up. We all dressed at five oclock. Julia looked sweet, Louis & Remsen ditto. My dress was lovely I felt very trembling all day, Took a glass of wine in the afternoon to brace my nerves. The rooms looked beautifull [sic], so bright and gay. Mr Anelli, was our first guest, he looked distingu[ished]

Dr van Vankin [Aiken] & his elders next, then Aunt & Matilda. It was then after six, and the Dr anxious to go to lecture. After an anxious pause our folks came, 17 in an omnibus. We all hurried in the parlour and the ceremony was performed, the water was forgotten in our haste, and I felt in an agony during the whole operation. It was solemn but too hurried to suit me. Julia stood with her doll in her arms which guiled me excessively. Another mistake was in omitting John Lefevre Remsen, an unintentional oversight in Garret. I could have sunk through the floor at those misfortunes, and at my own troubled feeling on such an important and responsible occasion to a mother. The Dr left us immediately, and the evening passed off pleasantly, with dancing, & piano music. Mrs Remsen her little children, Mr & Mrs Woodruft; Mrs [Booth] a bride of five weeks standing, Lily Moore Sarah Hassil; two Miss Moores; Deborah & Preistly Mother Pa, Cath. Maria, Henry, Eugene Ferdinand & Bell, Caty & Andrew Onderdonk, two Miss Newby’s, and Dr Hasbrouck, who arrived in the morning. Sterry [Julia’s brother] & his wife did not

come, Miss May, and Miss [Beale] declined. also Mrs Van Nist. Our supper table looked beautifull [sic], and was very much admired. All appeared to enjoy themselves very much. We broke up at ½ past eleven. Mr Anelli staid untill 12. Dr went home with the Newby’s. I regained my composure in the course of the evening, and at- tended to all things myself. We left the table standing all night. Garret, bought me a set of waiters 16$. two dozen Champagne glasses. 12. The bill for ice.cream, calves foot Jelly, cakes & ma_____toes. 13$. Oranges. 1.50 lemons. 1.50 Grapes. 2.50 ct Cordial 1.50 Wine 3. Champagne 13$. Candles 25.cts.