Saturday. November. 28.th.
A beautifull [sic] day just cool enough for exercise. I went to Chelsea in the morning, spent two hours; saw Mrs Bret; stopped at Miss Mc Farlands. returned
home at 12 to keep an engagement with the Dr. Rode down to “Bells”, not at home, we waited some time, and then walked up Broadway to see the fashions. Met some splendid dresses, but not many pretty faces. To oblige the Dr, stopped at Mr Anelli’s. he discovered our secret, by seeing “G D H” as large as life. I felt fatigued, haveing [sic] walked this distance for the first time.

It gave me a good appetite. Mr H. exchanged our old dressing table to.day. Had our blinds put up, windows mended.
Garret & the Dr went to the “Bowery Theatre” to.night to see the “Battle of Waterloo”. Little ones all asleep, and I writeing [sic] up my journal, quiet
and alone. Hope to see a pleasant day to.morrow for Church.

Sunday. Novem 29.th. 1840.
A charming day, warm as spring.
Louis behaved very well. Garret sent 10$ to Dr V.V. as a christening fee. I did not go out after dinner. Mr H. and the Dr went to the Huttons in the evening.
I sat at home reading. Eugene took tea with us.
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