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128_Page 127Saturday. 9.th. January. 1841. Another spring like day. Walking perfectly good. I did not get up until [sic] near eight. Took a long walk with “mon mari1”; felt much fatigued on returning home. Sent all the chil- dren for a walk. Mrs Remsen, with her four children paid me a visit. They are fine, well behaved children, and she a pleasant, pretty little woman. The late storm has caused many disasters, both on sea and land. The shipwreck of the “[G___ie]”, and the bursting of the Dam of the Croton water works, are among the most distressing, the later causing the loss of many lives2. Sent out to.night, to buy a bottle of “Red Turk”3 price one shilling. Wish I could write as well as some of my friends; feel ashamed of my penmanship. Garret, has gone to the Tabernacle to hear General Gaines4, and his lady lecture. I did not venture,…

129_Page 128although the evening is charming, moon brightly shining [sic] on us. Garret, thinks the Lecture of Eugene Gaines a failure.
1. mom mari – my husband
2. Refers to the following incident: “Two days of rain and melted snow sent the new Croton Lake fifteen feet over the lip of its dam before dawn on January 8. The impending disaster was contained temporarily by an earthen embankment below, but the embankment was breached, flooding the valley. Bridges, mills, and houses were washed away, and three lives were lost: two locals and one drunken laborer.”- A Struggle for Water – American Heritage Magazine: Winter 1994
Volume 9, Issue 3
3. Red Turk refers to the Red Turk Cap Lily
4. Edmund Pendleton Gaines (March 20, 1777 – June 6, 1849) was a United States army officer who served with distinction during the War of 1812, the Seminole Wars and the Blackhawk War.