145_Page 144Friday.29.th.January.1841. Snow had fallen in the night, which turned to rain, and presented another wet damp, dismal day. The streets were deserted, forming a great contrast, to the bustle of yesterday. Julie, passed a comfortable night, and seemed better this morning, she was contented to lie in bed all day, at night we brought up her trundle.bed. Poor Louis, was not so well, and had a bad attack of ear.ache: with a high fever. We put oil and 220px-Laudanumlaudanum* on cotton in his ear, which soon relieved him. I went to bed early, fatigued in body and mind; Garret wrote untill [sic] eleven o’clock. Tonight the first ball was given in imitation of the “London Almacks”**. The night was not very propitious***.
*Laudanum: a tincture of opium. For an interesting note on the subject, see Laudanum, and its many uses on the Victorian Era blog. Wikipedia, also has a discussion on the subject.

almack**London Almack Club: A social club in London from 1765 to 1871 and one of the first to admit both men and women. See, Wikipedia for more info.

***propitious: giving or indicating a good chance of success; favorable