174_Page 173Tuesday. 23.d. February. 1841. A lovely day, sun shining bright, and warm. At noon the wind blew giving us a formidable of March. Bridget, took the children to walk. Maria came in for an hour. Returned home. I walked out alone, enquired after Mrs Torrey. She is sick. Did not walk far, felt a uneasiness over me proceeding from the sudden change in the weather. Eugene, came in after dinner. I thought of spending the afternoon with mother; but Catharines sickness prevented me. She has a bad cold, and keeps her bed to.day. I was disappointed but the evening proved quite unpleasant so it was a fortunate event I did not go out. Commenced, an unmentionable garment to-night. Garret, amused me by reading over a long law paper, which soon put me to sleep. My friend, bade adieu to.day; a fine girl.


For more on “unmentionables”, see the “Antique Corset”