044_Page 42Wednesday. May. 19.teenth. 1841. Dusty, wind blowing, and sky unsettled. We over slept ourselves, did not arise untill past 7. What a shame, the beautifull morning was thus lost. My complexion quite rough and uncomfortable, it is indeed a thorn in my flesh. My stomach out of order. I took a “Seidbts powder”. Mr Neely Lockwood, sent me a present of a “black silk long shawl”, it was a beautifull shawl, and presented in a very gental manner. It was in fact a compliment to “mon mari”, who is his dear friend. I went to get a muse for Mary, Ann’s sister, who had been confined [most likely during pregnancy], and quite low. Mrs [Traicese], called to see me, but could not muse Mary. It was rather singular, that one year should have passed since we met last. My sickness and miscarriage how mended in the 19 May, 1840. Garret, and I took a long walk in the afternoon, it was unpleasant, and cool. Severn, staid with us to night, brought us news from Maria.