066_Page 64Saturday. 26.th. June. 1841. A very warm day, showers in the morning. I walked to Mrs Wittingham’s with mon mari, paid her bill of 19. $. Purchased a shirred Lawn bonnet. Did not like it when it came home. At four oclock Mr H. Louis Sis and I. jumped in a little tea colored cab, with Mr Clarke for our dinner, and rode out to “Strickers Bay.” The heat was intense, and I suffered intolerably, as I always do; when my face gets heated; it looked sadly I fear. The children were very warm, but enjoyed themselves after we arrived, and got cool. The walk on the river bank, was very pretty, but it was too hot to enjoy much Thousands of citizens were arriving in splendid vehicles so that we felt quite [outre] in our little cab. We returned home to tea, and felt better for our ride. Mr H. bought me a beautiful bunch of Roses. I paid Mr Pegit six shillings for my watch. bought combs and emery cushions, 1. shilling.
For more information on Sticker’s Bay, see Ephemeral New York