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070_Page 68Tuesday. 29.th. June. 1841. N.Y. A clear, warm summers day. A fine breeze stirring. We breakfasted at seven. Mr H. went to “Morristown” to look for board. I prepared 1 doz. napkins. 1 doz. towels. Table, cloths and numerous other articles ready to mark with durable Ink. Had a call for charity, did not give any thing. Two volumes of the “Pictorial Bible illustrations”, left here for G. to look at. We have commenced buying new butter, our firkin butter getting too poor to eat. Mr H. returned to tea, did not find a place in Morris town. The afternoon has been very hot, our evening are beautiful, the moon almost full. G. and I walked out with the children after tea. Saw Miss Snyder, in the store, think her pretty. G. thinks so too!
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