094_Page 92Sing.Sing. Sunday. August. 8.th. 1841. Warm in the morning, but clouded and stormy after noon. Garret, sent by Mr Hale to get me a carriage to ride, the walk to Church being too much for me. Mrs Erving, went with me and her sons, also Julie, and Henrietta. We arose rather early, and rode a short distance, before service, Mr Halsy had commenced when we arrived. I saw all the Moore family there. The children cried terribly on seeing me get in the carriage. Bridget, dressed to go at noon, but Louis made her turn back, she seemed disappointed. He is not very well, and cannot bear the least faitgue. The evening was damp. G did not get to Church. We passed a happy day to.gether. My appetite at dinner G thought very poor indeed.