097_Page 95Sing.Sing. Sunday. 15.teenth. August. 1841.

A warm morning, cool in the afternoon. I felt too weak to walk to Church, either morning or at noon. Mr H. did not go. I was inclinded to, per- suaded him after dinner. He read for me a portion in the Bible which gave me great pleasure. We walked to.gether in the cool of the morning to “Sparta” a small village on the river side. I felt fatigued, and warm comeing home. Thought the sun to[o] hot to venture in its mid.day heat to Church. My complexion appears much better than usual for which I feel thankfull. Garret, begins to think I have gained some flesh. Remsen has improved more than any of us.


275px-Sparta-Ossining-New-York-1868Sparta: For more information on Sparta, see Wikipedia