100_Page 98We arrived in town at ten oclock, The city was hot, and very disagreable to me. Our house being shut up was was very close, and tremendous dusty. Louis, and Sis gave me a great deal of trouble, which to.gether with a bad head.ache, made me repent of my visit. Garret, bought me “Shepherd Travels in Central America” they are very interesting. At five oclock I dressed myself and children, and went out to find a stage. We arrived in “nine teenth street, just in time to save ourselves from a heavy shower of rain. The thunder, and lightening were fearfull, a ship was struck on the harbour. I found all well at mother’s, but was shocked to find Catharine so thin and changed. I ate some ice.cream half frozen. Garret came for us at nine, we left Sis to sleep with her aunt Maria. After packing Louis clothes, we went to bed, my ice.cream giving me some quarrels This was thought our warmest day, this season.