100_Page 98Sing.Sing. Saturday. 21.st. August. 1841. Excessively warm, not a breath of air stirring We arose at six, ate our breakfast. Louis, and his father set off for the boat. Garret left me 8$. to spend in a thousand ways. I put on a clean wrapper, and went out to shop. The streets looked clean from the washing of yesterday’s shower; but still they pos. sessed no charms for me. My purchases gave me some trouble, but they were principally for others. glass dish, 50.cts. Lemons. 12. cts. Doll. 57. ½. cts. Candies. 12. cts. Long Shall. 2. $. Passage money 1. $. Horses. 18 pence Shoes at Millers. Unpaid. Geography. and rates. 50.cts….

101_Page 99I tried to get a pair of Boots but did not suceed. Ann Shannely worked hard to return with me to Sing Sing. We locked up the house, dressed ourselves, and sat awaiting the carriage; Henry and Maria with Julie, came in, and we were all in a most melting heat. H. had to get a carriage, as the man had forgotten his engagement; we were in time to embark on the crowded Boat almost suffocated, and broiled. Half way on our passage it commenced raining, and looked very stormy. Mr Hale met us on the wharf put us in a carriage, and in the midst of a dreadfull rain we reached Mrs Hale’s. Henry, slept at the Hotel. Major Erving, came home with us sick of a fever.