102_Page 100Sing. Sing. Tuesday. 24.th. August. 1841.

A charming day, not as cool as yesterday. We spent our time reading, and sewing, dressing, and sleeping. Strolled to the village at five oclock; met a great many people. I purchased a pair of silk gloves at 25.cts. oil 18.cts. two letters at the post.office. 28.cts. They were quite unexpected to me; one from my husband, and one from Bell, and were very thank. fully received. The moon shown beautifully on the water, but no beaux happened in to walk out with Maria. Mrs Erving, and her two sons left us this morning, to take a jaunt to Boston. Maria, and I took a long nap to day; my sleep at night is sometimes disturbed by her evolutions.