102_Page 100Sing.Sing. Wednesday. 25.th. August. 1841.

Clear, and lovely day, quite-cool, and bracing. Maria, amused me by reading “Stephen’s Travels in Cen. tral America.” We were both disappointed by Henry’s not comeing up to escort us to the Fair. as he promised us faithfully to come. After some deliberation, and qualms of conscience, I determined to accept of the…

Miss Yeo’s invitation, and go with them. We had one 103_Page 101clever beau in Mr Miller, a married man, who done all in his power to make it agreable to us, treating us to cake, ice cream, and jokes. The room was filled with a gentel assemblage of belles, and beaux, and the auctioneer Mr Yeo, created a great deal of mirth. We remained untill ten oclock, and then returned home with Clem Yeo. I purchased a pair of garters for Catharine, and two oranges. Mr Halsey, was very polite to us, and paid me a philipine of eight years standing, by presenting me a large, and elegant bunch of flowers. He says I must press them to preserve them as a souvenir from him. Mrs Hale, has been sick a week, and could not go.