103_Page 101Sing.Sing. Thursday. 26.th August. 1841.

Cool, and pleasant, altho the air feels like rain. Henry, arrived this morning to take Maria home, she would like to stay but I did not press her, feeling certain a storm was approaching. We had dinner early, and I rode to the boat with them, intending a short ride previous to their departure, but our driver would not consent. The clouds, and water looked threatening, and in the course of the afternoon, rain commenced falling. I took a short ride to see the arch on my return home. Felt lonesome, and dull, read untill tea time. Did not feel well, had pain, and chills went to bed at eight oclock; slept delightly, glad to have my room to my self once more. Am fond of society in every other place but my bed.room, there…

I like solitude. Remsen quite unwell in his body Julia, coughs considerably.