Sing.Sing. Friday. 27.th. August. 1841.

A regular easterly storm of wind, and rain, but quite mild. I did not get up untill seven oclock, feel dull, and sleepy, this dark morning. The winds lulaby sounds delightfully around my windows. Kept school for Sis, sewed, read over my geography, took a nap, eat my dinner, played with Remsen, and set down to write this journal. I feel quite discouraged when I find how much there is to learn, and how responsible and numerous are my duties. As my children grow older, they appear to double, and thicken around me. Julie, has a difficult temper to manage; and Louis is very unmanageable. He has been absent one week and we find him more trouble when with us then both the other children. Mrs Hale, had an unpleasant affair with Mrs Ervings nurse who is an inpertinent creature. She has by force of example, and precept affected all the other servents. Even Bridget, has degenerated. I did not dress for tea, but spent my evening in an undress. Sat sewing with Mrs H. in the parlour, listening to her remarks on dady as they call her. The rain did not cease untill afternoon My complexion for the past week, has been uncommonly smooth, so that I begin to indulge some hope. My prominent feature, is really quite natural, which is a great joy to me.

(Regretfully, I missed scanning this page and the next as well)