104_Page 102Sing.Sing. Monday. 30.th. August. 1841.

Raining, the clouds dark and threatening. We awoke at five oclock, arose at six. The carriage came for G. at half past six. He took, Ann Shannely down with him. I was not pleased with the arrange ment, seeing her seated on the back-seat; she is rather presumptious. Mrs. Erving, confined to her bed with her cold. I had some trouble with the children, they require great tact in managing them; Bridget forgets her. self sometimes, and her duties often. The weather is very close to.day, the sun shines out, and the storm seems about takeing its depar. ture. I am happy to see it drying up, for the children’s sake, they are tired of the house. I have been sewing, reading, and trying to sleep this morning, but find myself prevented from doing either in quiet. The heat is really oppressive, August will not leave us unforgotten, she has still one day of summer to bestow and then comes delightfull autumn. To me the most agreable season.
Ann and Bridget are Julia’s servants