105_Page 103Sing.Sing. Wednesday. 1.st. of September. 1841.

A warm, clear day. The storm passed away. I find myself getting a bad cold, my throat inflamed, and chest quiet delicate. Raise considerably.
Wrote to Garret, this morning; walked to the Post.Office at six, was pleased at finding a letter from him, written the same morning. Brought some horehound candy* for my cough. Mr Tompkins, weighed Julie, he gave her weight 30.lbs. Called in Mrs E.s. room, she is still sick with her cold, I divided my candy with her. A superbe moonlight evening, the scenery around is charming, but I could not enjoy it, and went to my room early on account of my cold. Still travelling in “Guatemala” with “Mr. Stephens” I went to bed at ten, half sick with my cold. I dressed Louis in a new suit of clothes, which he ruined in an hour, from the time I completed his toilette. Julie, walked to the store with me.
*Horehound is a member of the mint family and was used to soothe sore throats, stimulate appetite, and as a relief for gas.