107_Page 105Sunday. 5.th. September. 1841.

The weather changed to a cool pleasant, temperature Our colds prevented us from going to Church, I regretted it much, as the walk would have been pleasant. Garret, felt the want of his clothes as the air was rather cool. I took a short nap after dinner, my head.ached from a variety of causes. A friend, dropped in this morning, she was brought another friend, Mrs Hale, introduced to me, Miss H.  Louis, was taken with a fever at two oclock, he slept a long nap, was very much flushed, and heated. We could not account for his sickness. In the evening I gave him a dose of oil, which affected him twice in the night. His bowels may have been rather costive. Garret, says he had a good night rest, the first in three or four nights.