108_Page 106Sing.Sing. Monday. 6.th. September. 1841.

Clear, and pleasant, not too warm. I arose early, rode to the boat with Garret, took Remsen along. Major Erving, went with us, he informed us of his intention to take Mrs Erving to the city on Tuesday. Remsen, and I had a cool ride home. Louis had no return of fever, and seemed quite-well; played around all day, but looked paler than usual. Bridget, boiled flax-seed to night, I had it made for Mrs Erving; she seemed so unwell. Louis, could not sleep to night, haveing slept two hours in the day. I omitted my usual nap to.day. We all regret parting from Mrs Erving, she is an agreable inmate and makes herself very much beloved.