111_Page 109Sing.Sing. Saturday. 11.th September. 1841.

Damp, and overcast morning, but no rain. I sleep untill seven oclock, and really have become quiet lazy, for the past month. The cares of house- keeping will dissolve on my shoulders very soon, I dread the management of servants more than any thing else. Our jaunt this summer has indeed been one of pleasure, as nothing of a serious nature has happened to mar our health, or comfort. In appearance the children have improved very much, and my face has filled up, and really looks quiet fresh, and blooming. The eruption, has disappeared in a remarkable degree so that I quite begin to enjoy myself. I have just concluded the “Spy.” and think it tolerable well written for Cooper. Here I am liveing in peace and quiet on the very ground, which fifty years ago was the scene of so much commotion. I wish I could retain a remembrance of the names, and deeds renowned in our revolution, but of these important facts my memory will not retain a lasting impression. So that I blush for my want of patriotism. Julie, and I walked down the road to meet Mr Hasbrouck, we encountered his carriage near the Hotel, and had a pleasant ride home. Met Mrs Hale, and sister. Garret is well, and we met each other with mutual delight. he enjoys his meals with us, and seems to wish us all safe at home once more. He brought all the papers, and a basket of clean clothes. My complexion remarkably clear, which G. observed, Alas! what a short lived happiness. Garret, told me Maria, went to Providence to.day with Capt Steinhart.