113_Page 111Sing.Sing. Tuesday. 14.teenth. September. 1841.

A clear cool day, high wind whistling through the trees. Mr Hale predicts a storm, but the sun.set was clear, and beautifull. Mrs Hale pleated three collars for me this morning. I was engaged sewing on some chemise sleeves. After dinner I dressed and walked to the post. office. was engaged to walk with Mrs H, but she broke her engagement. We both felt cold in the evening as we sat at work. I went to bed chilly and home sick for the first time. Mrs H. shed tears on the recital of her mothers death, he is insensible to her compasionable qualities and spends all his time at the village, leaving her too much alone. Bridget bleached some clothes to.day; some of them were stained by leaves falling on them.