116_Page 114New. York. Tuesday. 21.st. September. 1841.

A pleasant day, no storm for the equinoctial. I walked down Broadway with Garret it was delightfull walking. Took a glass of Jelly at Painters to strengthen me, as I felt quite weak. Looked for gaiter boots. We had a fine dinner to.day of Roast Beef, and tomatoes. Our appetites were fine also. G.s especially. The children do not appear to mind the change from pure air to foul. They play in our unpleasant yard from morning till night, and get as dirty as pigs. The grocer brought us plumbs to.days, or rather spoke of them. Mr. Anelli, called to day while we were at dinner, he would not come in. Returned my Book of Beauty.

Equinoctial: Relating to an equinox (when the lengths or night and day are equal)