117_Page 115New.York. Thursday. 23.d September. 1841.

The morning warm, and clear; but rain from three oclock. I commenced with my plumbs early this mor ning, had 14 lbs damson(1) 14 lbs green gages(2). Ann, and I were busy untill dinner time. Eugene, came in from the country, he looks quite well. Mother, sent me word not to come up to.day as she had no cook, I did not dream of going. Mr. Anelli, spent an hour with me, he is as clever as ever. Took Julies Lady home to mend. Thinks our pictures unchanged by time. Edgar Hasbrouck, dined, and took tea with us. I slept all the afternoon, felt fatigued from running up and down stairs. I did not like to have old L. stay with us to.night as he put us all out. Ann Shanney, told me news. _________________________________________________________

1) Damson: A Eurasian plum tree (Prunus insititia) cultivated since ancient times for its edible fruit.

2) Greengage: beautiful, oval-shaped plums with either green or light gold skin