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119_Page 117New.York. Monday. 27.th. September. 1841.

A lovely day. quite cool and full in reality. I arose bright, done up all my work, sent the children to the Park, dressed and went up to Mrs Bloodgood from thence rode up to mothers. Found Mother, and C. very busy preparing Eugene for Princeton Commencement. I sat with them chatting untill two oclock, C read me some of Maria’s letters. She expects me to beaux her home, but I must not only disappoint [sic] myself, but her also; as G. thinks it impossible for us to go. Mother, thought of takeing tea with me to.night, but deferred it. We went to “Niblo’s garden” in the evening, saw the “Revels” took Julie, she was delighted, but the crowd was so in…120_Page 118

tense I could scarcely breath or see. The heat was very oppressive. Shook hands with Mrs Van Zant, and bowed to Miss Hanson, that was.