121_Page 119New. York. Friday. October 1.st. 1841.

A fine cool day, too cool for comfort. I walked out with the three children to Canal St. and purchased them some toys. waggons, horses, and centre table for Sis. 6 shillings. Returned home, and went out again to see Aunt Remsen, at the Athenaeum in Broadway. Sat an hour with her, she, and Matilda are both invalids. They promised to dine with me on Monday. I returned home Missed my Mosaic Pin, a gift from my grandmother Remsen, very valuable to me both from age, and affection. Looked through all my drawers, to no effect. Fear I have dropped it last night, as the pin was not safe.

[If anyone has information on the “Athenaeum” please send it in.  Thanks ~Susan]