122_Page 120New.York. Saturday. 2.d October. 1841.

Damp, cold, unpleasant day. I am much engaged about house in the morning. Pa came in for a few moments, has a bad cold, Julie took him up in her baby house. We were making pumpkin pies. could not get any baked for dinner. Mother, came in unexpectedly brought me a letter from Maria, and one to fill up to her. I was obliged to break my promise of bringing her home, as Mr H. could not go at this time. Mother, and I sat by the fire all day, we were so frozen she looks fat, but broken in the face. Garret, did not arrive to dinner, untill I had called for all. Mother left at five oclock. Henry came in a few moments after her departure, I sat in the parlour shivering with cold; listening to his description of Surgical Operations. My dress, and Louis coat came home, also my Boots