123_Page 121New.York. Monday. 4.th. October. 1841.

The storm raged all night, but abated its furry this morning. Clouds are still dark, and the air cold & damp. We arose at seven, I did not sleep very well, was distur bed by haveing eaten too much Tomato and pumpkin pies. Sat in the nursery all day, the cold was trying to me. Had a long conversation with Bridget, she appears to be rather discontented with her place, feels having too much to do. What trials await house keepers. I laid down two strips of carpet before the fire, and at the door, think our carpet will not wear well, as it fades already. The children all pale, from want of exercise. I sent a note to Matilda, she postpones her visit untill Thursday, or Friday. The weather became clear at sun. set. Commenced burning fires in the parlour to day, ten days earlier than last year.