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124_Page 122New.York. Wednesday. 6.th. October. 1841.

A lovely cool day. Some clouds in the air, which occasionally dimmed the beauty of a bright sun.shine. We do not arise untill after seven, my husband spoils me completely. From breakfast hour, untill eleven my time is occupied in household affairs. I then altho some what fatigued, commence dressing to walk out. Julie’s lessons are too much neglected in this busy, noisy, exciting place. I intend to put off my walks untill afternoon. To.day we rode to see Bell, sat an hour with her by a comfortable fire, and on our return walked to Canal St. from then rode home. Met “Mrs Erving” she did not see us, she looks delicate, and pale. I felt fatigued after dinner, but took Louis & Remsen to the tailors. Engaged three pair pantaloons to be made for Louis. found the material my self. Garret presented Julie, and I a new dress each, of mouse de lain.” I found some difficulty in selecting a suitable one for myself, among a great variety it is always hard to choose, triflers.