127_Page 125New.York. Monday. 11.th. October. 1841.

A beautifull spring morning, which terminated in a hard rain at night. Julie, and I rode up to Mothers to call on Miss M. Brinkerhoff, we spent all the morning chatting. Mary looks well, and paid me several compliments on my youthfull appearance. Time has passed over our heads, without withering either our looks or friendships. Julie, brought home a bouquet, a present from her grandmother. The afternoon was dull, and clouded. Met the Miss Babcocks, and Miss Moore in nine.teenth street. Mary engaged to take tea with me on Wednesday. Mr Anelli, took tea with us, and sold Garret his picture of Count Uglino for 200$. I cried shame on them both for the great sacrifice. Mr A. is very generous and honourable in his dealings, but in this transaction I think he makes “one grand mistake.”