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128_Page 126New. York.
Wednesday. 13. teenth. October. 1841.

A bright, clear warm day, cool enough to be August. My housekeeping affairs employed me untill tea. Mary Brinkerhoff and C. came in a 11. Mary sat a few moments and then walked down to dine at her Uncle Schermer horns. C. kept house while I went out to walk for the purpose of buying some cake. I promenaded up Canal St. to Broadway got a collar from the “Repository” went to Mrs P.and ordered 5 shillings worth of cake. Then returned home. Bought oysters for dinner. Our dinner was very nicely cooked, and our cranberry tart fine. We made all preparation for our evening guest, who came in at 5 oclock. Bell, Mary, Maria, Henry, and…

Ferdinand to tea. Mr & Mrs Anelli, called in a few 129_Page 127moments. She has become more interesting since her marriage. I wish them to stay, but they could not. Our tea.table was prettily set out, with very excellent things all seemed to enjoy this “American repast.” As for myself, I felt a cold comeing on, and grew so hoarse as to be scarcely able to speak. My spirits have been depressed for a week past, from not feeling well, and other circumstances. Hard coal fires, and the want of fresh air, is a sad drawback to my health. Isabell, gave us some music, and the evening passed off very well, at ten we retired to bed. Garret, concluded his bargain with Mr Anelli, for the large picture to.day.