130_Page 128New.York. Friday. 15.teenth. October. 1841.

A changeable sky, of clouds, and sun.shine. My cold rather better to.day; I took seidbts powder to cool my system. It affected me with out makeing me sick. Gave two scarlet mous de Lain, made for Julie, and Remsen. Eugene, brought “Mrs Jamieson” travels in Canada to amuse me. I spent my day in reading them knowing some of the personages, gives them a double interest. A cold is a stupid companion, and I am so sleepy. I can scarcely keep my eyes open to read Garret, did not get up to dinner untill four oclock. he has given up his “distrait mood” and drank my health at dinner. The children are all well, and lively. Louis is rather naughty. I endeavored to read this evening but my eyes would close, so that at nine I went up to bed. A dream, not singular put me to rest; of those far gone friends, now above or in space. Ann made pumpkin pies to.day, they were delight. full. I have not done any work to.day; the heat of this coal fire makes my head ache sadly. How much comfort depends on trifles “light as air”. A stove coal fire puts me sadly out.