131_Page 129New.York. Saturday. 16 teenth October. 1841.

A mild spring day, at times dull & clouded. We are getting rather too lazy in the mornings. I must mend my manners, when my colds gets well. Julie, jumps at ½ past six, while we sleep untill half past seven. We are daily expecting our friends from Marbletown. I hope they will not wait too long. My time is not much occupied at present, as the sewing is pretty much done with. putting out the children’s dresses leaves me a great deal of spare time. Julie’s lessons have been much neglected this week past, a cold always incapacitates me from hearing her spell. She reads daily, but neglects her Catechisms, last winter she knew more than she does at present; I do not blame her, but myself. I took Louis to the tailors in Hudson St. the air was damp, and frightened me home.