132_Page 130New.York. Monday. 18.teenth. October. 1841.

A fine clear cold day. Bright sun shine. Dr. Hasbrouck and Simon came down the river, arrived this morning before breakfast. Julie, and I walked out early, went on business to Miss Wittinghams, to get a bonnet for Sis. She had nothing pretty, and could not cut my dress untill next week. We returned home fatigued. Mother came in to spend the day; unexpectedly. I walked half way home with her, went in to the dress- makers. The air was keen, and cold as winter. We spent our evening at home. Mr Elmendorf, called to see the Dr, sat untill 11 oclock. I was almost worn out with fatigue. The Dr. was complaining with cold, and drank “pennyroyal tea”. Garret, as good as ever, promised me anything I wanted even to the half of his kingdom. We sat down any made out a list of such things as were wanted for winter. G. brought me up a piece of black velvet, for the children coats, and hats. Mother invited the Dr. and I to tea with her on Tuesday. I made an engagement, perhaps to be broken. Called up Simon, and had a talk with him on his work and prospects. His sentiments are good, his deportment, and character excellent. Fires are very nessessary[sic] this month it is so trying to the constitution, the changes from heat to cold are very great; and very frequent. My chest is very delicate, and I sometimes fear it will by [be] my destiny to linger with consumption