132_Page 130 New.York. Tuesday. 19teenth. October 1841.

Cold and damp, rain threatening or snow. I sent my bonnet to Mrs Staggs to be trimmed with fall ribbon. Dressed and went to the Fair with the Dr and Sis; we found it cold walking. The exhibition very handsome this year. We did not meet many ladies as we went too early to meet belles, or beaux. I was chilly, and fearfull of increasing my cold. Did not know whether to go up to mothers, or not, the gentleman rather [exercise] to going; finely gave it up the air was so damp and cold. Garret said I was cross, but he was mistaken, as it was only a passing cloud. Louis requires some harsh words at times. Eugene, spent the evening with us. We all retired early to.night. Julie, was dressed for her visit to grandmothers, but defered [sic] it without tears, or frowns.