137_Page 135New. York. Tuesday. 26.th. October. 1841.

Very bright, and cold, with a hurricane of wind, and dust. I swept the parlours and assisted Simon in his work. Garret, expected Mr Anelli, with the “Count Uglino” to day, but the high winds will prevent him from comeing. Eugene, came in to say that a “tea.party” was in preperation for me this afternoon, I of course was obliged to be most happy. I walked to Broadway, and ordered some cake. 50cts. worth. Sent in the store for 50 cts. bought apples, sent to the grocers for 3lbs. raisons, 2lbs almonds. The picture came home, it is an immense canvas, but a most interesting study. At five oclock, Miss Platt, Miss Brinkerhoff, Maria, Cath…138_Page 136

and Eugene came in to tea. Mr Anelli called in an hour after, to talk with Garret about the picture. Mr Hasbrouck, was engaged all the morning at auction, he did not dine untill four oclock, was too full of business to spend the evening up stairs. Miss Platt, sang very sweetly, and played the piano well. They left at nine oclock. Garret did not get up stairs untill near eleven. I ordered a pink bonnet for Julie, at Mrs. Staggs.