138_Page 136New. York. Wednesday. 27.th. October. 1841.

A beautifull day, rather cool for the season. We arise with great regularity, and breakfast at ½ 7. Simon performs his work with great regularity. Mon Mari, presented me with a “beautifull velvet scarf embossed”, and half a dozen cravats for the neck. I certainly did not require this addition to my ward. robe, as my stock was very handsome; but Garret, likes to give me pretty things, and see me look fashionable. At twelve oclock, I walked out went to see Mrs [Bell or Pell], found her immensely large, expecting to be confined. She looks well, and appears cheerfull, and resigned. After spending an hour with her, I went to Broadway bought fringe to trim “Sis” coat. dress. Met Catharines at Mrs Painters, paid nine shillings to Mrs P. for cake. eat a cream tart walked a short distance with C. and then returned home. The streets were very much crowded. Trimmed Julie’s coat after dinner Puff sleeves came for me to look at, I do not admire them much. Sat alone in the evening with my better half.