139_Page 137New.York. Thursday. 28th. October. 1841.

Clear, and cool, a fine October day. I had all our windows washed, made Ann show Simon the act. She is a high dame; and not willing to give Simon instruction in any thing. I dressed and went up to Chelsea, to make some visits with Catharine; in her neighbourhood. Mother, and C. expecting me; Miss Platt had just left after sitting an hour, we went around to Mrs May’s, Mrs Remsen’s, Mrs Smith’s, and Mrs Woodruff’s. the last mentioned not at home. I found sickness, poverty, and affliction in all these houses, and felt anxious to return to my “happy home”, where a kind husband, rosy children, and all the comforts of life were cast around me in the richest profusion. I felt anxious to get home early, I see those who are so dear to me. It was uncomfortably cold in the upper part of the city; I am thankfull G. does not like it. We all met at dinner, Garret, Julia, Louis, Remsen. I spent the afternoon sewing. Walked with Garret after tea, we stopped and bought on dozen tumblers. 14 shillings. The moon shone very bright, but the air was damp. Cut out draws for Garret to.night. Went to bed at ten, A passing event, to be remembered. My lips sore, and face breaking out again. It has been smooth, and clear for the past month. I must refrain from wine.