140_Page 138Saturday. 30th. October. 1841.

A misty morning, the sun breaking out very warm at noon. True “Indian Summer”. Julie, and I set out for a promenade, but were both too warmly dressed for the day. We rode to Dey Street, but could not find Mrs Remsen, she has changed her lodgeing. Our walk home was tiresome. Julie complained of fatigue, and heat. It was a luxury to get our fine clothes off. I paid for Julie’s bonnet 5.$. and for trimming my Amazone [bonnet]. 1.6. The frame maker came to measure the picture. I was very sleepy all the evening, but sewed a little one of my eyelids is much inflamed and looks red and feels uncomfortable. It is a “Stye [sic]”, much to Garrets amusement.