141_Page 139New.York. Sunday. 31.st. October 1841.

The morning damp, and misty, but the sun broke out very warm at 11 oclock. I did not go to Church this morning; Garret had no coat to wear. Julie, and I went after dinner, heard Dr. Dewitt from the Text “To day if ye will hear his voice harden not your hearts”; The subject was interesting to all. Dr Van Vrankin, will soon leave our Church, he is ap. pointed president of the Brunswick Seminary. Garret, walked out with our beautifull rosy boys. he went to Church in the evening. I sat alone my eyes prevented me from reading, so that sleep overcame me soon. Julie, sat with me untill eight oclock, eating boiled Chestnuts. Bright moonlighted night. The end of October 1841.