143_Page 141New York
Friday 5th. November 1841.
After breakfast Maria and I went out to shop. The streets were quite damp, and I should rather have put off the business, but a new bonnet is usually a matter of life and death. We selected a Blue velvet and at 1 oclock returned home. Susan Rhind sent me a translation of Count Ugolano* from the Italian of [Toss]. It was very kind [of] her.


Count Ugolino was a trecherous Italian nobleman and politician. Always pitting one man against another as blood spilled, he thought of no one other than himself. He had conspired with Archbishop Ruggieri to betray the town of Pisa. Ironically Ruggieri turned on Ugolino after his son was accidentally murdered and rallied the villagers against Count Ugolino and set fire to his area of refuge. Count Ugolino surrendered and he alongside his sons and grandsons were locked up. Ruggieri barricaded the door and left the family to die from starvation.