144_Page 142New.York. Saturday. 6.th. November. 1841.

A fine clear day, but quite cool. Maria, and I both determined to be domestic. My choice was compulsion, as I plainly felt a tedious cold comeing on. Maria L. came in to dinner, she went with Miss H. to Becks for two collars. In the evening I found my breast sore, and felt quite unwell. Put my feet in warm water, drank some warm tea, and went to bed. Sent a note to Catharine, by Bridget and Louis, She returned a note, and Book “Tour to the Lakes”(1) Frame maker came to measure “Count Uglino.”
1) A Tour of the Lakes-written by John Ruskin, 1819-1900, who is now considered by some as the greatest art and social commentator of the Victorian Period in Britain.