145_Page 143New.York. Tuesday. 9.th. November. 1841.

Clear, and bright as chrystal. I slept well at night, and felt better in the morning, but still concluded to lie still in bed. Miss Yeo, called in, I received her in my bedroom. Catharine, and Maria, came in to spend the day. The noise of company was rather troublesome to my nerves. The two Maria’s walked down Broadway. Catharine, entertained me an hour, gave me an account of H. Burgoyne’s wedding. I spent my evening in the parlour; little Remsen was delighted to see me, he said “now Ma’s well” “now Ma talks” “Pease tell Sally Browne.” His little fat remsen babycheeks, and mouth tasted sweeter than any thing. I had met with for months. He is a beautifull child; so very rosy and fair with beautifll light ringletts blowing around his head.